WELCOME... my blog and A Life of Why


Hello, I’m Ben… I've spent much of my life confused and asking myself why does so much of the way we live, learn, and work not make sense?   My sense of purpose comes from helping others who find themselves in this space - the young, the left behind, the cognitively diverse.  Everyone is unique but the mainstream hasn't got the right tools to unlock the power of difference... my job is figuring this out.

About me:


Stimulated by the new, variety, and possibility - operating in marketing, commercial, transformation, and strategic roles in financial services, advertising, digital media, and IT sectors.  I currently volunteer in the East of England and hold a number of industry, educational, career advice, and mental health responsibilities.


Scratch below the surface of a CV and you will find a person; a complex interaction of genes, experiences, and emotions which combine with culture and environments to influence who I am and how I go about thinking, learning, and working.  My story is shaped by so many things - adventure, friends, fun, music, and nature, but adversity and good fortune too.  Childhood insecurity, an absent parent, class struggles, money worries, mental health, kind strangers, love, mentors, and neurological differences all offer opportunities for me to understand my purpose, adapt and grow.    


About this blog: 

Mission: Imagination + Insight + Innovation = Impact

Our Mind & Mental Health: Differences in cognition allowed humans to flourish and as the brain takes center stage again we must allow space for human complexity, originality, and diversity of thought.  It is new ideas, capabilities, and mindsets, but also, unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that will enable our transition to the fourth industrial revolution.  Put another way - success hinges on us recognising difference as something to cherish, not fix. 

Past, Present, and Future: We are transitioning from mindless consumers to mindful creators.  What got us here won't get us there - with converging and disruptive forces - shaping our thinking, relationships, and existence. The climate crisis and the emergence of intelligent machines will shine a spotlight on every assumption we have about education, work, health, intelligence, and capability.  


Change: It's hard because we have been engineered by environments, culture, and technology to be predictable. The future requires holistic solutions, entrepreneurship, and collective effort with personal reinvention, industry transformation, institutional and systems reform a necessity.  

People, Community & Nature: Everyone must have a voice and a stake in the future, especially those left behind. The age of the machine has squashed our social tendencies and with it our love of stories, conversation, community life, and the environment.  On a more fundamental level, what is it to be a human being, how do we get along with one another, and what’s our relationship with our planet?